Why Google is my favorite brand?

I love Google innovative products. They are almost always free, simple to use and very powerful. But this is not the only reason that makes Google my favorite company.

Google is obsessed with data and in the new era of information it has become the king. It offers a bunch of products very well designed and developed, which are more powerful than its competitors and very easy to use. So far, I think that Google is the company that has contributed the most to the World Wide Web development.

I began using the Google in 2000 when I discovered its search engine. It really blew up my mind, I thought it was amazing how everything was connected through its search engine. Nowadays, I’m using many of its products: Analytics, Adwords, Adsense, Web Master Tools, Merchant, Trends, Finance, News, Gmail, Docs, Google +, Chrome, Blogger, Youtube, Translator, Books and many more. It has become an indispensable brand in my day to day life.

Google is always trying new approaches to fulfill the expectations of its clients and at the same time making things simpler. From my point of view, Google’s image represents brilliantness, smartness and simplicity. It has developed its own culture and everybody wants to work in Google because it hires the brightest minds in order to get smart and unique approaches in technology innovation. From my point of view, they are positioned as the company that offers the best possible user experience on the internet and I love it.


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