What makes a good wine the finest wine

The American wine market has been driven by varietals for many decades. Syrah and Cabernet are just some examples of what the American market used to buy fervently. However, during the last five years some trends has changed, “a sense of balance has returned to the market” and more people is looking for honesty and authenticity.

From my point of view, an authentic wine should be elaborated following traditional processes. That means, doing almost everything by hand and without adding artificial flavors; focusing on grapes, vineyards, climate and topography, in order to get the best of each.

However, these wines have to face many challenges in the market. For instance, the final consumer does not usually have the educated palate to distinguish between a well done natural wine and a product of factory. Some may think that these short of wines seem harsh, hard and less developed although this is not true at all. Moreover, these wines are usually more expensive and less accepted between the public. I would say that it is more difficult to introduce them into the market unless some trends change.

As an expert, Mr. Galloni believes that a good wine has to be structured. According to him, good wines have a balance between flavor, body, color, light and intensity. On the other hand, Galloni’s approach as a consumer is much easier; “I am looking for wines that make me want to drink a second glass”, said in an interview to Dr. Wine.

In this interview, he also explains that all great wines share some attributes like complexity, length and texture elegance. During the class, he pointed out that he is looking for those wines that have a well finish and the capacity to improve in the bottle over time. In his own words, “these are the very finest wines”.



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