Promotion tools in the wine industry

Events like LA Food & Wine are ideal places for marketing and promotion. These shows allow wineries to present their products publically to many influential people. Cellars may also have the opportunity to contact directly to the public and explain their philosophy and methods of production as well as offer them a wine tasting.

On the other hand, this event is a great opportunity for establishing business to business (B2B) relations as they go to the gathering for sharing opinions and impressions with other partners.

What can you sell?

 A great story can help a lot while trying to sell a wine. Sometimes, the great story is the winery’s history and tradition, others its owner, who is a famous person. And in few cases, the great story is to get a score of 95 by Robert Parker.

However, what is really important for a winery is to reach its public and tell them that story. If you have a winery I would recommend you to work deeply in the online marketing arena trying to transmit these stories; you may use social media networks as well as blogs and other tools to create buzz around the brand. This is a successful way to influence indirectly to great gurus, who at the end of the day, like everybody else search on the Internet information and opinions.


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